Art and teaching

Art and teaching

Susana Requena ceramics, my passion is expression in its multiple forms and keep learning alongside my students.

I was born in Córdoba, in the south of Spain, and spent time studying and learning in Seville, Florence, Paris, Montevideo, Toulouse and Barcelona, ​​where I currently live.

I create art pieces in a workshop located in the garden of my house. 

The contact with the matter and materials connects with my most primary and essential creative universe. In the form of ceramics, sculptures, etchings or paintings.

The idea that every piece is unique makes me feel happy. I can’t avoid my origins, and my art is mostly inspired in Mediterranean landscapes.

And I also share my professional life teaching in the School of Arts of Sant Cugat as a Graphic Design teacher. It is an old and small school in a modernist building. The garden and the school enjoy of a special environment, very inspiring for students and teachers. I share my time as a teacher in the University of Barcelona. 

The fact of teaching is a kind of magic, it keeps you alive, learning to exchange knowledge with the students and colleges. International projects and mobilities make the circle bigger, and it is exiting being close to the students in their personal growth.

I hope being learning all my life.

Susana Requena ceramics

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