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Handmade Art Ceramics

Handmade Art Ceramics

Do you want to dive into a sea of magical fish?

I invite you to swim with them through these pieces made with the Gyotaku technique.

Dating from the mid-nineteenth century, Gyotaku is a Japanese technique of stamping where the fish is inked and transferred to rice paper.

In ancient times it is said that it was used to capture the soul fish to thank God for the fishing. It was also used in the Fish Market of Japan to show the size of the fish for sale.

Nowadays, it is an artistic technique that I have adapted to my creative universe in the world of ceramics.

I use ecological inks to be able to eat them after stamping.

You can see some of these pieces exposed in Blau by Foodies. A cosy and small restaurant in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) where the meal is typically Mediterranean. Recipes with Iberian, Turkish, Arabic, Italian roots adapted to newly created dishes. It is worth visiting the place, with an exquisite and original decoration made by the owners. 

I am open to collaborations and commissions for interior design and decoration projects.

If you have any doubt about the pieces or are interested in any of the Gyotaku exposed in Blau Restaurant, you can contact me sending me an email to and I will get back to you as soon as possible

You can also visit my website or my Instagram account @susana_requena

Enjoy the experience!

Useful information:

Unique pieces made by hand in Barcelona. Proximity materials from local suppliers. 

Technique: refractory stoneware (high temperature) enamelled. Ceramic inks in blue, red or black. Cadmium and lead free.

Approximate dimensions: 35 x 18 cm – 37 x 20 cm