Susana Requena Contemporary Art

Enlazar el azar

Handmade Art Ceramics

Handmade Art Ceramics

Expression that could be translated as “linking the chance”.

“ENLAZAR EL AZAR”, is the name of my last exhibition in the gallery of Hervás- Amezcua Foundation in Gavà (Barcelona).

Expression that could be translated as “linking the chance”. It is the essence of the process of this collection focused in objects and materials that meet themselves by chance. 

It started collecting some random objects of my childhood family house that was sold recently. I felt I missed an important part of my life. Sadness, memories and longing have been occupying my heart and soul. The family house was located in Andalusia, in the south of Spain, where the roots of the Mediterranean landscape settled inside me forever.

Keeping some objects with me I thought a small part of this house and the earth would be still alive in my home. 

For this reason, I tried to make moulds of this goods. But it was easier apply materials as paper. Clay, porcelain and paper met them in a random way to help me modelling my ideas, to build the pieces for the exhibition. 

In some moments I felt lost and aimless. Different pieces with different materials I thought it was a lack of coherence. The point of view of my dear gallerist, Tini Hervás, and the advice to give context for the whole collection of Paloma González and Nuria Benet, friends and visual artists, helped me to understand what I was doing.

This exhibition is a tribute to this house and its objects that my family collected throughout 50 years, and now I feel inside of me forever. 

Susana Requena

May 2023