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Can Font

Handmade Art Ceramics

Handmade Art Ceramics

Sometimes something magical happens during a shooting session. 

It happened in a fantastic Masia located in Sant Cugat del Vallès near to Barcelona.

A Masia is the typical Catalan construction in the country with a main building as a house. Usually, it has a big land extension for gardens, farming and fields for crops. This one, named Can Font, is the heritage of a family that worked as a summer house decades ago. Cristina, the owner, offered to me the place as a setting for a shooting session for my ceramics. She loves crafts and has a special sense for decoration. 

The day started a bit cloudy, and the light was mostly white. We had in front of us a house with terraces, trees and plants completely reals, with an enormous quantity of freshly washed colours similar to the tones of the stoneware of my pieces. 

My pieces of Siesta collection were integrated in the landscape as if they were there for years or belonged the place since ever. 

The swimming pool worked more as a fountain or a pond, and the colours of the water were similar to the emailed interior of some pieces.

The Mediterranean vegetation inspired us to mix up the pieces with the shapes of the place that you had to identify hidden among fungus in dry brunches, rolling stones or fleshy plants.

There was a small forest of magnolias trees, dry leaves covered the floor as a carpet and the new flowers stond up like kids. We were mesmerized.

Helena Costa, the photographer, scattered the ceramics in different spots of the garden and started shooting, inspired by the soul of the place, the wind and the landscape. The owner, Cristina and me chatted about the history of the house and the family. 

The pieces seemed to breathe there, came alive, blend into the landscape. 

We realize the time has gone by. We spent some hours in a kind of catharsis, only having conscience of the present time that connected objects with a place charged of history.

The result is a nice collection of pictures. You can see them in the portfolio of Helena, here I show you a selection of them.

Cristina, thanks for that magical day. And thanks Helena, for the sensibility of your pictures, the colours that only you can see and the stories you imagine around the objects.


October 2022